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Saturday August 9thwas the grand final for the Miss Africa USA 2014 held at Exquisite Strathmore Theater in Rockville Maryland in the United States. 18 beautiful girls from across the continent of Africa represented their different countries and Miss Yassin Faal represented The Gambia. 8 of the girls were eliminated after the first round including Miss Gambia.

The next 5 were eliminated after the talent competition leaving Miss Nigeria, Miss Ethiopia, Miss Ghana, Miss Tanzania and Miss Uganda as the top 5. After a thorough interview by the judges Miss Ethiopia Meron Wudneh was Crowned Miss Africa USA 2014. Miss Uganda Hasifa Kivumbi Pulled up Close as 1st Princess and Deputy Miss Africa at 2nd Place while Miss Ghana Hilda Frimpong placed at 3rd and took the position of 2nd Princess.

According to Ms Lady Kate Atabong Ndi Proprietor and CEO of the Miss Africa USA pageant “It was a beautiful night for Africa with and a great representation of the real Essence of An African Woman. It was a tough night for the Judges, the girls brought it home from brains to fashion, from Elegance to talent, very powerful.” 

Ms Yassin Faal who represented The Gambia was not happy with the outcome of the pageant. She felt like she was sabotaged by the organizers of the pageant and the DJs. She wrote on her facebook page after the pageant “Hello everyone, Gambia did not win the pageant because 1.Wrong traditional girl song was played for me to dance to, I couldn't relate. 2) my presentation slide to show my work was not displayed whiles I was on stage. This was a huge "sabotage" for The Gambia on the side of the organizers and DJs.. I thank you for your support.”

Mr Modoumusa Sey  also believed that The Sabotage was intentional and wrote on Yassin’s page”  it might be deliberate, these people are professionals, mistakes like this don't happen,, someone somewhere, might be pulling strings at ends to, deny her the chance to perform to what she is familiar with . So ironical, it was organized to encourage our young African females to display their talents/skills, at the same time, denying them the chance to enjoy fair treatment.”

Several other Gambians and Sympathizers of Yassin shared similar sentiments.

When G.T Entertainment contacted Yassin to shed light on her allegation, the angry and disappointed Yassin said “Firstly, they didn't forget to show the slide of the winners except Miss Uganda, whose mentor was a judge. Lol. Funny enough, the former Gambian representative warned me before I got into the pageant about the nepotism and favoritism that goes on. I was not only messed up once on stage by them but they did it "twice" which didn't happen to anyone. This was deliberate. To me is not about the crown, of course if I had it, it would have been a plus but it was about people seeing my work, my awesomeness on stage.”

Reacting to Yassin’s allegation, Lady Kate Atabong Ndi, the CEO and founder of the Miss Africa USA said “it was a technical error and she should not have danced. She should have waited until her song comes on. It happened to Sierra Leone too, she waited and her own song was never played but she danced honorably without a song and she did not say it was sabotage. Yassin needs to accept the apologies we gave her and move on. She did very well but it was a tough contest.”

Lady Kate further challenged Yassin to say which of the judges was a mentor to one of the other contestants. “So who was that Mentor who was a judge? The trouble is, when people loose they get so sore and start to fabricate. Even without the errors, or technical problems, Yassin was not one of the top 10 looking at her scores in other categories that did not involve technical errors. She was not in the top 15 either. I hope she will get over this and realize that she is bigger than the mess she is spurting out. She’s  very gifted and she stands for a great cause for Gambia, that is what is more important.”

Our reporter had an exclusive interview with both Yassin and Lady Kate and we will post it in due course.

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