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The house of the Gambian female singer/actress Nancy Nanz aka the Gambian Beyonce was broken into by a thief on Sunday November 21st at around 9pm Gambian time.

Nancy who was living with her parents until recently had just moved into her new home in (city withheld for security reasons)  which her husband bought for her. She had just returned from visiting her parents in pipeline where she also attended the naming ceremony of her former neighbor. She quickly rushed to call her neighbors for help when she saw the thief but unfortunately; he escaped by the time she came back with help.
"The thief was just running down the stairs and headed to the back door as I pulled into the compound in my car.” Said Nancy. When asked to describe her thief, Nancy Nanz said "I was terrified that I didn't even pay much attention to his looks".

When asked if the thief succeeded in getting away with anything, an angry Nancy Nanz said My jewelry (2 gold chains valued at D50, 000.00, my laptop which I bought for $1200 when I was in the US in 2011, 2 smart Phones (LG and Nokia camera phones that I bought for about D5000.00 a piece) and a bag that was containing my passports and that of my kids. What hurts me the most is my files in my laptop which I can never get back again. I have files as far back as the first day I started music, pictures and videos of my American and European tours, my instrumental arrangement for my next album, the script for my upcoming Reality Tv show, my family pictures for all my kids from the day they were born and more. I am so mad and I feel so sad" Roared the Gambian Beyonce.

When asked if she filed any police report, Nancy said “yes, an investigation is on and the police have been coming to my house every single day after the incident. They took a lot of pictures and asked a lot of questions to help them in their investigation”

 Nancy who could not identify her thief said in as much as she is mad, she still thank God because it could have been worst if she met him in the house. “I found a long rod and a big knife in my bedroom. Who knows what the thief’s intention was for bringing those weapons. But don’t worry, my Giant has now hired a watchman for our house and hey you know what? This won’t STOP me. I’m good to go even better than before. Lagilaaaaaaa man mai fighter, I don’t think this or anything else will stop me. Only God...”

She concluded by thanking her family especially her husband who is always there for her and also appealed to the general public to  call the police or turn in any items they see that they suspect to be hers. She encourages the people to cooperate with the police and fight against thieves who go about stealing from people who worked very hard for everything they have. “It is not fair and we need to put an immediate stop to it.” Concluded Nancy.


To some critics, She doesn't know how to sing (munut dara), to others, "dafa dangam rek teh degerr fit". But who cares. Nancy Nanz is undoubtedly one of the most successful female artists in The Gambia. She is very determined and confident and always pulls strings that even the male artists or those signed by labels cannot pull. She believes in herself and thus doesn't care what her critics say.

Yes, she is the Gambian Beyonce and can nobody take that away from her. Unlike most of the Gambian female artists, she has released 2 albums so far and so she is working on a 3rd one. She recently released a new single called "DEKA B" which is having a lot of reviews and following on soundcloud (

She is the daughter of one of The Gambia’s most seasoned media personnel, consultant and businessman Ebou Waggeh who is a household name in The Gambia but guess what though? That doesn't mean anything to Nancy. She is an independent woman who grinds on her own without using family connection.

She started as a young actress for GRTS Children Television, did a little bit of modeling before taking up music up as a career.
This Friday, we will be having Nancy Nanz as our guest on the Gambian Talents radio show. If you have the opportunity to ask Nancy Nanz one question, what will you ask her?



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