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In case you don’t know this man, he is Vex GunGee man, one of the most realistic rappers The Gambia will ever produce. Vex doesn’t think twice when something is on his mind and he doesn’t sugarcoat too. His lyrics are crude, raw and natural. In my interview with him on the G T Radio show mid last year, Vex called all Gambian Celebrities “broke a** N***. When I ask him why, he said “because they are Kombo St Marys Celebrities only known in the Greater Banjul area. There is no electricity anywhere else in The Gambia when you pass Brikama, besides Kaninlaye.”

Vex calls a spade a spade and puts the skeleton down on the table for public consumption. He is now solo but used to be a member of the famous “SEE THEM CRYING” hit makers “the Faroo House crew” outa Bakau in KMC. Nonetheless, he has been releasing Solo albums even while he was a “Faroo  Rebel”.

About a decade ago, he left The Gambia and immigrated to Sweden where he now lives happily with his wife and kids.

On October 206th of last year, Vex wrote on his facebook timeline “I will not sell my soul to the devil because of money. For I realised that money can't make me happy it can only buy my needs. And to maintain a LUXURIOUS lifestyle I need hard work and perseverance. Mother Nature don't love the Greedy ....Some fools thinks that hurting other then going to the mosque or church will save them from what they do to other people...Remember cleanliness is then first step towards GOD LYNESS...”

On a daily basis, he posts such updates on his timeline and always preaches about Mother Nature. He always write about controversial stuff like this one he just wrote few days ago when he shared a video about the current issue surrounding the Cartoon about the Prophet (S.A.W).

“I don't agree with anyone insulting anyone especially a prophet. ..but to kill someone because people says he or she said something to the prophet,the holy Islamic prophet I can't agree with that..and I got my reasons cos ALLAH is the best judge..Allah says judge not or else you will be judge.”

 One thing I like about Vex the most is his swag and quirkiness. Vex knows how to dress and show off his clothes. When he was featured on Banjul Night Live-BNL last year, he showed his watch, his shoes etc telling people how expensive they are. Lol a real Gangster he is.

Today is Vex Gungee man’s birthday and we call on all to please join us in wishing the real man a happy birthday

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