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On Monday March 3rd 2014, Africa witnessed another happy moment as one of her daughters (Lupita Nyong’O) was crowned with an Oscar award making Africans all over the world happy and joyful celebrating their own. A special celebration ceremony was held in honor of Lupita’s Victory in Kenya as well as other parts of the world. Post and photos of her went viral on social media a lot of folks making it their profile photos and status updates for the day. Gambian Talents Entertainment news posted a story celebrating Africa’s victory wishing that Lupita was a Gambian especially with her last name “NYONG sounding like one of the last names from the Serere tribe in The Gambian “NDONG”.

Base on the information we gathered from an internet research (, we published the true story of Lupita Nyong which contains information about her whole life from her birth, youth, education and other personal engagements. We posted the story on our entertainment news segment and shared it on our other social media pages. This story attracted a lot of attention especially on facebook. A lot of the comments were negative questioning Gambian Talents for asking the question “IS LUPITA NDONG GAMBIAN”? So many comments were made and one of it actually confirms that she is not Gambian but she is related to the Serere tribe which we associated her last name with.
Pa Musa Jallow, A Gambian born and raised in Serre Kunda gives us an in-depth analysis and the linkage between the Serere/Nuer/Luo/Acholi which are all tribes found in different parts of Africa. According to Pa Musa, both Lupita and President Barrack Obama’s dad belong to this tribe. Enjoy.

Pa Musa’s post on the Gambian Youth and Women forum on Facebook

“Folks...actually...she is Luo..the same ethnic as Dr Barack Hussein Obama Snr and by extension Pres. B H Obama Jnr. and Raila Odinga. And yes the Luo are the same ethnic as the Nuer in Sudan and Acholi in Uganda and Serere in Senegambia and West Africa...and Nyorro is a place in Sudan and you will find the Serere names like Latjor or Latdior that our Sereres cannot remember the meaning, this black and tall African beauty is a Serere/Nuer/Luo/Acholi....ONE LOVE ONE PEOPLE!!!

Diaspora Link: Welcome to the Gambian Talents Diaspora Link.
Pa Musa: Thanks..
Diaspora Link: Are you a Gambian Sir?
Pa Musa: Yes I am...
Diaspora Link: Thank you. Can you tell us part of Gambia you are from?
Pa Musa: I am from Serre Kunda. Born and bred.
Diaspora Link: Besides Gambia, where else did you live?
Pa Musa: I studied first degree in the US, Florida, then Singapore and finally York in the UK. I  lived and worked in Senegal, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, South Africa, Gabon, Ireland and of course the UK. I have also been to Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. I travel around a lot.
Diaspora Link: Nice, you have virtually traveled and lived in the four corners of the world right? How long ago did you leave Gambia?
Pa Musa: I am in The Gambia now but do travel a lot. I worked as a Consultant and Civil Engineering Project Director. I also maintain a home in the UK, Nottingham.
Diaspora Link; Nice, briefly tell us your experience living in Europe and other African countries.
Pa Musa: Well, in the US for 4 and a half years, it was University student life and wonderful memories growing up. In UK and other African countries, it is work related. I kind of
just get along, enjoy stuff and live and let live. Simple life.
Diaspora Link: You made mention of Cheikh Anta Diop earlier. Did you actually meet him?
Pa Musa: No! He died in 1986 but he informed my awareness of being an African and our story not HIS STORY. That tells us we just sprang from the apes. From the most Southern to Northern, East to Western, our peoples and history are inter related and the language roots are the same. For example: “the words BA, WA, BWA or BWE all have the same meaning “The people of”
Wa Banjul, Wa Jollof
Watutsi or Bahutu
ZimbaBWE - people of the Walls
Yoruba or YoruBWE-People of Yoru
which he (Cheikh Anta) stated  is what the West corrupted to Horus. The ancient Egyptian mythological figure, god!!! You find the same Ba in Bacongo. A people without knowledge of their past are lost in the present and shall forfeit their future. Ancient Egypt - Africa taught us that the highest knowledge is knowing one's self. “Ham sa boppa”
Diaspora Link: You are teaching us real history. I think we need to come and take some classes from you.
Pa Musa: LOL..I am just a student, a “Talibe”/a seeker of knowledge.
Diaspora Link: Degit
Pa Musa: yep! You can be my fellow student and indeed you are. By the way, the riposte to “hamm sa boppa” is that the biggest loss.  Loss of identity, “rerrer sa boppa”
Diaspora Link: Please tell us more about your facebook comment. You said Obama and Lupita are kind of related by roots right.Can you tell us more about how they are related? I mean with the Luo/Acholi/Serere connection?
Pa Musa: Yes sir? I guess you are Serere so it is interesting but my grandmother was a Marie Sondeh Joof so I will indulge despite being Peul
Diaspora Llink: Lol
Pa Musa: lol
Diaspora Link: Kon Jangalal sa papa yi.
Pa Musa: A point of correction - You are more than a Papa, actually a Nijaye - Ni Yaye - Like Mother. Papa is on the Fulbe side and you are on the mother - the maternal side and the true blood line for that matter. ‘Nijaye mo gain baye foof’. And about the FB comment, Yes, it’s not only Obama and Lupita but Raila Odinga former Prime Minister of Kenya and son of former Prime Minister of Kenya after Independence, Oginga Odinga were also Luo...and the black skin and height are distinguishing features.iaspora Link: lol. So can you tell us about nyoro in suda?
Pa Musa: Niorro, Nyorro and spelling may change but pronunciation is important, is an ancient settlement in Nubia/Ethiopia/Sudan before Western borders and Gaye Niorro means a Gaye originally from Niorro and as our people migrated west, they just gave ancient names to new settlements and we now have Nioros in the West. West Africa that is just like Wassou in Mali gave rise to the Wassus in The Gambia and Bakau Wassulung Kunda.
Diaspora Link: Who are the descendants and residence of Niorro in Sudan?
Pa Musa: The French called a tribe the Nioro tribe, which linguistically can approximate the Nuer, Nu-werr, another name of the Luo and Acholi. Also Riak Machar-the second biggest ethnic in South Sudan. Also in Uganda, Ethiopia and in Kenya. Like the Fulbe, they are all over.
Diaspora Link: Have you been there?
Pa Musa: Yes and no. I was Sector Engineer for Sector 1 for the UN Mission in Sudan based in Juba and travelled extensively in South Sudan. I have also been several times to both Uganda and Kenya. But it is like saying going to Djollof. The Wollof are everywhere and even Greater Banjul or Gambia is called Jollof.
Diaspora Link: Wait, you confused me with djollof and jollof.
Pa Musa Djollof and Jollof are the same,  just spelling difference. The French use a Dj for the English J! Djalo or Diallo or Jalloh or Jallow, meme and the same.
Diaspora Link: Nice, Did you meet anyone name Latjor in Sudan? lol
Pa Musa: Yes ...I did and lots of Latjor and likely more South Sudanese will pop up...spellings may vary... Actually in 2006, my friend Emmanuel Joof (lawyer and advocate) and myself met a Latjorr at dinner in Juba.
Diaspora Link: Nice. In short dal all Africans are the same people if not for the tubab masters?
Pa Musa: Even the so called Tubab now accepts his origin’s from the African man.
Diaspora Link: lol.
Pa Musa: But what is essential for us, is to remove the colonial construct and neo colonial mindset. I mean the brainwash education.
Diaspora Link: Finally sir, tell us about yourself. Who is Pa Musa?
Pa Musa: Not much, mid 40s, an Engineer by training, a Masina Fula Gambian, Love reading and writing consider myself a student, an African and Pan Africanist. I like to call myself a Progressive Humanist, and believer in the greater human family but condition on being a full equal to all God's Children.
Diaspora Link: And you currently live in The Gambia?
Pa Musa: Yes I do
Diaspora Link: Who is your favorite Gambian personality if there is any?
Pa Musa: My mom and then my dad. My role models.
Diaspora Link: lol. And why?
Pa Musa: Why not? They taught and gave me my values
Diaspora Link: But you can't answer a question with a question sir.
Pa Musa: Ok, they raised me and I think quite well. That is why.
Diaspora Link: Good. What advice do you have for the Gambians especially those in the diaspora?
Pa Musa: And Gambians everywhere else. I have the same message. Strive on the path to be a better and the best human you can be. Strive and try to be the best in whatever you do!!
Diaspora Link: By the way, what is your full name?
Pa Musa: Pa Musa Jallow
Diaspora Link: Thanks. Any last words to our readers?
Pa Musa: Salam - Peace! May God Rain peace in our lives, homes and relationships because only in peace is everything good possible. Let us strive for peace. Salam Alaikum. Shalom Aleichem..Si Jama...Jama a jam.
Diaspora Link: Thank you so much sir.
Pa Musa: Thank you. “Hamga yofi pole rek

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