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Earlier this week, Senegalese International singer Thione Seck a.k.a Papa Thione was arrested in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal for allegedly having millions of counterfeit Euro bills that were found at his home. According to earlier reports by Senegalese online newspapers including, Thione Seck, when interrogated by the Senegalese authorities, said “he was contacted by Gambian who wanted to do an international tour in five continents with over 100 dates selected for a period of 6 months.”

Upon receiving the news, we invited several of the Gambian promoters in The Gambia, Europe and America including Fatoumata Coker of Elite Promotion in The Gambia, D.J Moe Jobe of Moe Cultural Promotion in Maryland, Ablie Njie Lekbi of Senegambia Production in Atlanta, Njok Malick Jeng of Yaaram Arts in UK, Waka Jagne of Waka J Promotion in UK, Sarjo Touray of Beglen Arts and Entertainment who just concluded a tour with Pape Diouf in UK and Pa Malick Mbye of Mam Jara Production in Sweden to the Gambian Talents Radio show.

Fatoumatta Coker said she was happy to come on the show to confirm that Waly was in town and the show was happening contrary to earlier reports by on an online Gambian radio Thursday evening. Our presenter spoke to Waly Seck himself who confirmed his presence in the Gambia and how he was ready to perform for the Gambian people. When asked to confirm if his father was arrested, Waly said he has no comments on that but he will assure the Gambian people that “I have fulfilled the mission that my father left with me. What Thione Seck said that I’m his treasure, I will prove it today. What brings me is to make Papa Thione happy,

to make the fans happy and to make the Gambian people happy.” Said Waly in a strong voice emphasizing that he has no comments about his father’s arrest.

The other 3 promoters who showed up for the interview were Njok Malick, Pa Malick and Sarjo Touray while Pa Modou Jobe, Ablie Njie-Lekbi and Waka Jagne didn’t show up. When asked by the presenter of the show Pa Ousman Joof if any of them was working with Thione Seck and give him the alleged sum, they all denied the allegation.

Pa Malick Mbye of Mam Jara production confirmed that he is working on a deal with Thione to bring Wally Seck to Europe sometimes this year but refused to announce his dates. According to Pa Malick, he has been taking Waly to The Gambia for the past 3 years and feels it’s high time to bring him to Europe. When asked how he pays Thione for his deals, Mam Jara Production boss  said he has an Eco Bank account in the Gambia and all his transactions with Thione is done through that bank.

For his part, Njok Malick accuses the Senegambian musicians for being irresponsible making reference to his experience with Pape Diouf and his band when he took them to the UK for a concert in 2013. “ You can call Ablaye Wade if you want. I’m not scared of the musicians” Echoed Njok.

Sarjo said he get into promotion because there has been a big gap in the scene since there has not been any shows in the UK lately. According to Sarjo, there’s not much money in the showbiz and it is very time consuming.

Right after the show, a dear listener called the presenter and suggested that Waka Jagne didn’t show up for the interview possibly because he is the alleged promoter that gave Thione Seck the fake Euro bills. When reached out for his reaction to the allegation, Waka Jagne said “not me and I doubt if that is true. No Gambian promoter is stupid enough to give that kind of money”.  

Also reacting to allegations that he is not professional or reliable and hardly fulfills his promise, Waka Jagne said “That's the view of our people”.

Waka is one of the first Gambian promoters in UK and has worked with several Senegalese artists over the years including Thione Seck. He currently has a TV Show called the Waka J show on BEN TV SKY CHANNEL 182 in London that comes on every Thursday


at 10pm UK time.

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