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The last time he updated any of his 3 facebook pages was on June 2nd 2015. Unconfirmed reports reaching our desk has it that Gambian international music promoter/Saff Connect TV Show presenter Lamin Cham a.k.a Lamin Champion sounds was  arrested by the National Intelligence agency of The Gambia (the NIA) since Wednesday June 3rd and still remains in custody. According to our source, Lamin was arrested because of his connection with the Senegalese international singer Thione Seck  who was also arrested by the Senegalese authorities’ in Dakar on May 27th 2015. According to a BBC report,  “Thione Seck has been charged with money laundering after fake banknotes worth millions of euros and dollars were found in his house.”

He was denied bail on Tuesday and taken to Senegalese Central prison where he still remains. Senegalese local media reported that the FBI has joined the investigation because of the dollar notes that were found with the singer and his colleagues.

Mr Lamin Cham who is so far the most connected Gambian promoter in Senegal was worming up to start a European tour with Senegalese female singer Titi who he is currently managing. He also helps Gambian organizations and promoters  in Europe and America to bring Senegalese artists to raise funds.

In an interview with Gambian promoter Njok Malick of Yaaram Arts Promotion in London on the Gambian Talents Radio Show last week, Njok narrated how Lamin Cham and Ndeneh Faal helped them bring Pape Diouf to London through Gambia when the singer (Pape Diouf and band) missed their flight in Dakar back in 2013.

Back in June 2014, Pa Ousman Joof interviewed Lamin Cham at the Annual Gambian reunion celebrations in Atlanta commonly known as July 4th amongst Gambians. When asked why he now concentrates on promoting Senegalese musicians instead of Gambians, Cham said that he is a business man and the Gambian artists were not bringing him money. Not because they cannot sing or are doing anything wrong, but because our people don’t support our own. Cham went further to say that he noticed a big difference when he started dealing with the Senegalese musicians. He informed our listeners that he is currently managing Titi and also owns 40% of Papa Thione’s productions.

On June 1st Mr. Champion sounds uploaded pictures of him and the singer on his personal facebook page renewing his loyalty to Papa Thione. Mr. Cham wrote “My superstar. ..We will always remain your fan and a good friend. ..”  

Our Source who wishes to remain anonymous suggests that Lamin Cham was arrested because of his connection with Thione Seck. We have been trying get hold of Cham for the past 3 days to confirm his arrest but never heard from him until the time of going to press. We also reached out to a close friend of him who also said he’s been trying to reach him for the past few days but to no avail.

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