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At a spectacular occasion that took place at the Paradise Suits Hotel on Sunday 31st May, 2015, Affinity Productions proudly premiered it’s highly anticipated movie entitled, Londan Maga. To be officially ready for publication before the end of the year, the premier brought together top government officials, memberes and fanatics of the creative arts industry of the Gambia and Nigeria.

Speaking at the program, the CEO of Afrinity productions, Mr. Adam Wilfred, said the London Maga is a movie that suggests that not all that glitters are gold. He said the project will expose some ‘behind the scenes’ that people do not know about Europe. “I am not saying that you cannot make it if you travel but people just have the perception that Europe is full of silver and gold. It’s not like that,” he noted, saying there are meaningful ways in Africa that people can explore to have a decent living. He said the continent is blessed with natural and mineral resources and that we need good management and patience for it to work effectively.

On how challenging the production was, the CEO said putting the scenes together was not an easy task as part of it was done in London whiles the other part was done in The Gambia within a 6 months period and it’s expected be out in the market probably before the end of the year.


After the premier, Mr. CEO said they will be going back to the drawing board to look at the honest reviews so as to better the production.

He finally thanked the sponsors and casts for their contribution.

Binta Janneh and Daniel Ikechukwu Okoreie, commonly called Veron, all casts in the movie spoke at length about the knowledge and experiences they gained from the production of the movie. They expressed delight and noted that their expectations are very high.

The Director of the London Maga, Mr. Lofty Goshen Gihon, who is widely known in the Nigerian movie industry as ‘Locomotive’ described the casts in the movie as exceptional actors and actress. He said one of the challenges he faced in the movie was that a lot of the casts could not carry long lines (scripts) in the beginning. He noted that the Gambia has talent and what we need is concentration, commitment and a little more patience. Mr. Lofty didn’t hesitate to say that all is well in The Gambia but that there are still numerous chances of succeeding in the country without going abroad. The director said the movie took two dimensions. It addresses potential immigrants to avoid going to Europe through the perilous back-way journey and it also calls on African leaders to take responsibilities and create productive avenues to keep its youthful population at home.  “Nobody runs away from home if the land is green. It is time for African leaders to take responsibilities towards what they have been called to do,” he concluded.

About The Movie

Adamu, a talented radio presenter is advised by a fellow presenter to travel to Europe, on the ground that his talent would be appreciated the most in the Diaspora.   Upon hearing the counsel, not counting the cost or thinking twice, he threw caution to the winds, resigning job like most abroad conscious people would do.

He decided London was the place, he started behaving like a clown, practicing the lifestyle and the culture of the people, while still in The Gambia. At a point, he was considered to have lost his mind by friends and relatives

Reality done on him when there was no means to raising the money to travel, frustration sets in, life became a bore, going back to work was far from being an option, he had his mind made up to be in Europe, no matter what! Luck smiled on him, when the man he considered his godfather offered to help on a condition. He eventually  makes the journey, getting there, trouble started for him, all that glitters was no longer gold, he settled for menial job, there, real trouble found him, he became a fugitive running away from the law! Will he hold out or come back to Africa? Here, the real story begins!

There are lessons to learn from this, people want to be in Europe. What they don't realize, Europe is not bed of roses.

Say no to back way!!!

By Prof Saikou Suwareh Jabai
For Gambian Talents Entertainment

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