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Gambian Talents Promotion can reliably confirm that Gambian actress Vivi Amie Chris has been in the United States of America for the past 1 week.

According to our sources who wish to remain anonymous, , Vivi who was in Denmark about a month ago attended the Roskilde Festival where she was crowned as an ambassador of peace by the African Artists Peace Initiative (AAPI) under the leadership of Mr Ibraheem Ceesay, Gambian movie maker and Director who also doubles as the CEO of AAPI. During this festival, Vivi was quoted to have said ”I want to use my platform as an artist to promote peace. It is my responsibility. I owe it to myself.”

About 4 days ago, the Nakala lead actress posted a photo of herself at Beverly Hills in Hollywood California in the United States. While one of our sources said Vivi is in the US on a business trip , another source hinted that she is here on a vacation with her new Senegalese boyfriend who is so bent on spoiling her. He wants to make her feel like a Nubian queen thus paying for all these vacation trips. He travels everywhere with her solder to solder,  lume johong rek mu dok ko, lum buga rek, yal nai jama.

When quizzed about how Vivi and her new sweetheart met, our source hinted that they linked up in Italy after he saw her in the Nakala TV Series aired on Youssou Ndour’s TFM. Thanks to DJ Lil Sisqo for making it happen.


Now we can connect the dots. 3 months ago, when we had the Nakala female casts as our guests on the GT Radio, apart from Bella Jabbi Gassama who was in labor then, Vivi was the only actress who could not join us because she was on a vacation in Italy at the time. That could have been her first time meeting Mr. Senegalese Millionaire.  Cheye khalis.

Reliable sources hinted us that Vivi Chris left California for Miami in the early hours of Friday morning where she went to meet with her colleague and business partner, Super model Mimi Ceesay Janha of “The Inn- Fashion Show” aired on the Inn Fashion Youtube channel which is gaining a lot of momentum lately..

According to our source, the 2 models are expected to work together on the first Gambian movie to be produced in the US.  Mimi Ceesay, according to the source wanted to do this for so long but didn’t have the money. Thanks to Vivi Chris for winning the jackpot, her Senegalese Millionaire boyfriend will be sponsoring the film.

Gambian Talents contacted Vivi for her reaction to the said allegations but never heard from her until the time of going to press.  We also invited her to join us on the G T Radio as our guest on the Lutakh Gambia dudem show to be aired this Sunday August 2nd 2015 at 11am Gambian time but she is yet to confirm. We hope Vivi ak sunu grand bi will come to the show so that we can ask him to sponsor us too.

Waagi dal, deganeng, yaramam bi yep,  khalis la teh  vivi rek la nop.

A famous Gambian celebrity said he is disappointed with Vivi for not giving a chance to the Gambian brothers. Hana daf nyu khep ndakh Gambian boys si deng amut fiitam? The celebrity questions the integrity and level of game of the Senegalese guy emphasizing that he knows that Senegalese girls are more jongeh and moka porch than Gambian girls why is he not man enough purr dokhan Senegalese girls. Sung chepeh yi la yep that’s why he came for one of the chicken head Gambian girls Vivi Amie Chris.

Atata, anata beh, money talks. The dude gets bread. He day chop his money well well.

Belaye Haalis nekhna, Vivi hamnasi dara. Salaw sumasi amon sarko, dortuma nelew yaye, dor tuma nelew.

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