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Leaders of the newly opened Smiling Coast TV, Interface Gambia TV and Yaram Arts Entertainment in the UK have cleared the air in response to our article we published on august 30th titled “INTERFACE GAMBIA TV AT WAR WITH THE NEWLY SETUP SMILING COAST TV IN LONDON. CHAYE GAMBIA! WHAT IS THE FIGHT ABOUT?”

The 2015 London Cultural weekend which took place from August 27th to the 31st was a great success according to Mr. Njok Malik Jeng, proprietor of Yaram Arts entertainment.

On August 28th, we got a facebook inbox message from a source in Gambia who choose to remain anonymous “i just heard ur girl Eva Sarr got punched in the face”. After receiving the information, we started an investigation in to the matter by first contacting Eva Sarr who informed us that a minor altercation happened between her and Mr. Sheriff Jam of Interface Gambia TV..


According to Eva, “The Smiling Coast Camera man was running late and Jawo had already started introducing the event. I stepped in to hold the camera before he got there only for Sheriff  Jam to stand in front of the camera and ask me to stop filming. We exchanged a few words and I turned the camera off and put it away and notified Jawo about what happened. That was the end of Friday’s encounter. I went home and sent Sheriff a personal message telling him how I felt about what he did and we exchanged a few messages and that was it.

As I was getting ready to host the Titi concert on Saturday while at the hall, Sheriff came up to me and started talking. I refused to respond to him because of the way he approached me calling me “hey” instead of greeting me in a proper way. I took a few steps away and he followed me and held my hand and I told him to let go my hand twice and he refused until after the 3rd time when Pa Thomas told him to let go and that’s when he release my hand. I asked him if it was a force to talk to him and that’s when we started exchanging words and called each other names. He got mad and attempted to kick me but he didn’t touch me instead, his feet landed on a nearby chair. We were separated and he told the security to take me out of the building and I refused.  Some loved ones came to calm me down and the rest is history”

On August 29th, Smiling coast TV released a statement accusing Sheriff Jammeh of assaulting their presenter Eva Sarr. We contacted Sheriff Jam to get his reaction to what Eva and Smiling Coast accused him of but he was hesitant to get back to us. It took a few follow up messages before he finally responded with the following message

“For what” quizzed Sheriff.

What is your reaction to the allegations by Smiling Coast TV that you assaulted Eva Sarr for 2 days? “ Oh was she coming for sc tv? An u too working?” He further quizzed.Sir, I'm contacting you here as an independent reporter. I want a fair story, that’s why I contacted you to get your side of the story.

“What do u want to know?” Aksed Sheriff. Just your side of the story.  What happened between you and Eva? We asked?

“My boy pls u work with her so do what u want no story from me.” He emphasized. I'm trying to have a balance story here sir and would love to really hear your side of the story.


“Pls take her story I don’t have time for this man am trying to put Gambia on top.” Echoed Sheriff.

We reached out to Njok Malick, CEO of Yaram Arts to find out who among the two parties were given permission to cover the cultural weekend. According to Njok, “Smiling Coast has No Clearance to Film the Event, as far as I am concerned, there is One Lamin Ceesay who works there and was talking to me, he never ever even inferred Smiling Coast in all our chats.  All he ever mentioned was a deal for ASTV, which never materialized cos of what looks like 'Tricks' from his end.

Interface were given the Authority to film on the Friday Cultural Night.

So what Smiling Coast did on the Sunday Park was illegal Filming and they should Not Air it, Not least they come back and chat with us to resolve the issue. The Eva and Sheriff feud is unfortunate but I think is a long standing private problem. I still haven't spoken to Eva but Sheriff said Eva insulted him and other bystanders corroborated that.” Concluded Njok

We were also informed that Pa Thomas of Thomas photos was an eye witness to Sheriff and Eva’s feud on both days. When contacted Pa Thomas said “Sorry bro, can't help u on that 1”

We also reached out to the members of Smiling coast TV Crew for their reaction. To avoid posting an extremely long story, we decided to break it down into 2 pieces. Click on the following link to read the reaction of the Smiling Coast TV Crew members.

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