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In our quest to provide our readers with a balance story, Gambian Talents also reached out to the members of Smiling Coast TV for their reaction. When reached out for his reaction, Mr. Almamo Fatty who we learned is the co-owner of Smiling Coast TV said “I’m not the right person to comment on this issue, pls speak to Director General Ebrima Jawo”. Said Almamo.

When asked for his reaction, Ebrima Jawo, the Director General of Smiling Coast TV said  “Eva as far as I know, was at the cultural night for SCTV. She attended the Titi even as a host invited/hired by the organisers.  If there was any incident (s) on that said night as reported, this must be reported to the organisers and the police.  I don’t know how SCTV came into this. I attended both events and was told that Sheriff approached Eva on the cultural night. I spoke to both parties separately and realised nothing of significance took place on the first night. I can tell you that there is no issue between SCTV and Interface Gambia.  If there is anything between individuals, it may be attributed to personality clashes.  I have nothing further to say on this issue. Thanks”


Lamin B Cisse, Proprietor of Smiling Coast TV when contacted for his reaction earlier said “I had to leave urgently for the park as the same incident happened but this time it was just an argument. They wasted my crew’s time and it was until I got there that they started filming. Very unfair. Anyway, we did some filming and on our way going home. I will write to you once I settle down.”  After following up with him for a couple of times, in a separate message, Lamin said “I have decided that I won't respond to these issues. It was a well thought decision. I want my contents and products to speak for themselves.”

After listening to our last Lutakh Gambia Du Dem show podcast in the early hours of Wednesday morning September 9th,  in which we read Njok Malick’s reaction, Lamin responded with a long narration which we reproduced below verbatim


It was around 1am on 28th August that i received a text from Eva Sarr that she was stopped by Sheriff to cover the Tanabirr. I immediately called Ebrima Jawo and he assured me that everything is under control. To avoid making a scene I asked the crew to stop filming. My colleague Ebrima Jawo was at the ground and he took everything up from there.

We thought this incident won't happen again but to our surprise, the following day, on 29th August, Sheriff attacked Eva again which to me was an attempted assault. Eva Sarr called me to report the incident at 23:40. She left a voice-mail to me and reported the incident. This happens whiles I was in a meeting with a colleague- yes a meeting at that time of the night. After our meeting, I called her back and she told me Sheriff did the same again. I asked her did he touch you? she responded no, but added Sheriff threw chairs on her but landed somewhere. She planned to write a full statement to the Police but I had to talk her down and seek other options to deal with Sheriff. And one of the options was to issue a statement to warn Sheriff about laws governing issues like that. This is the best any institution will do to protect their staff or colleague and I hope we will all genuinely understand our reaction.

I will state for the record that, I NEVER discussed Smiling Coast TV coverage with Njok Malik regarding the Tanabirr. Infact i wasn't aware of it. It was Ebrima Jawo who told me that we will cover the Tanabirr event. I gave him the camera to take it to London to Eva and her crew. That was it. Period. I was never aware of it. The only thing i discussed with Njok Malik is the issue of ASTV sponsorship of TiTi on the 30th August. However, due to the events of 29th August, regarding the issue of Eva and Sheriff, I decided not to go ahead with it. I cancelled it. I had trusting issues.

On 31st August, our crew went to London to cover the park event. The first batch was told that they were not authorised to cover the event. Our production manager immediately called me to relay the facts. I texted Ebrima Jawo to rush there as soon as possible. I also left Nottingham to London to address the issue. Upon arrival, I found my colleagues and had a brief conversation among ourselves. I briefly greeted Njok Malik and Sheriff himself. I spoke to Ebrima Jawo why our crew was not allowed to film and he told me to wait and he will handle it. About 5 minutes later, Jawo returned to me and said ''you are authorised to film now''.

On my way back to London, I received a surprise call from Njok. He told me not to air that coverage as we were not allowed to film it. I told him to speak to Jawo because he gave me the go ahead. He also mentioned about the issue of ASTV sponsorship of TiTi and I told him I had changed my mind because of the events of 29th August between Eva and Sheriff. He did not seem convinced but I made it clear to him that Ii have a right to sponsor an event and not to sponsor it. As humans, we must always make sure that we live and breathe by ethics and not what we will gain from something. Regarding the issue of coverage permit, I will kindly ask Njok Malik to consult Ebrima Jawo and sort everything out with him, not me. 

Regarding Sheriff, I really like him. I think he is a trooper and very hardworking. He is talented and smart. My advice to him is that there are other non-lethal ways to compete. Quality? bring it on. Contents? bring it on. Ethics and professionalism? bring it on. These are areas that we want to compete with him. I would like to make this conviction loud and clear that Smiling Coast TV is not here to compete. We frankly have no time for that. Our goal is to provide the best content and programs for the Senegambian people. We would never compromise with quality and ethics. We however would make it clear that assault, whether attempted or not, verbal abuse etc would not be tolerated towards our staff and the network would press charges against any assailant.   I hope to work with him some day and benefit from our mutual talents. I also want to make it clear that Smiling Coast TV has no issue with him. We are brother’s keepers and we look forward to working with him anytime anywhere.”

Ok, now this blame game is too much. Everyone is trying to play the saint here. Who should we really believe? Why is no one taking responsibility?

We also reached out to the members of Interface Gambia TV  and Yaram Arts entertainment for their reaction. To avoid posting an extremely long story, we decided to break it down into 2 stories. Click on the following link to read the reaction of the Yaram Arts and Interface Gambia TV.

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