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Movie Director Ibraheem Ceesay vows to quit because of lack of support from Gambians

Friday may 2nd shall be entered on the Gambia’s calendar as a historic day. It was the premiere of one of the greatest movies from The Gambia “SARATA” directed by Mr. Ibrahim Ceesay (director of the award winning movie “Hands of Fate”.) It was attended by a good number of people from all walks of life especially the young people.

Mr Ibrahim Ceesay expressed his sincere thanks to everyone who helped to make the event successful. “I give ''Thanks to God'', my rock and my salvation for the successful premiere of ''SARATA''. My beautiful casts all looked illuminating from the Limousine to the red carpet.” Mr. Ceesay thank his casts, partners, the media, his family and everyone who helped him throughout the production of Sarata. He also announced his next projects which include the premiere of Sarata in Europe, USA and other African countries. “SUPER thanks to all those that came and supported us, despite the various programs on the same night. We will forever cherish you. Shalom! Shalom!! Shalom!!!”

Mr Lamin Camara a.k.a left-a dynamic youth activist responding to Ibrahim Ceesay expressed his disappointment to the Gambians for not supporting our own.  According to left, Ibraheem announced during the event that he will not be directing anymore move in The Gambia after Sarata because he does not have the kind of support he needs. Few Gambians have responded to Mr. Camara’s posted condoning his point. Below we reproduced their argument.

Lamin Camara wrote:

 “We are all proud to celebrate the achievements of the Sarata team and add a positive feather to our country's cap. After all the buzz it is now time to reflect on certain issues.

The dynamic Director of the movie Ibraheem Ceesay dropped the bombshell that Sarata is the last film he is directing in the Gambia apparently for lack of support. One of the greatest Gambian actors of our time John Charles Njie also indicated that this was his last performance as an actor in the Gambia.

We were all proud to see budding young actresses such as Ida Bidwell and Fanta Ceesay make their debut but if we do not have the right support and strategies in place how do we expect to have an industry? What is needed to get more Gambians motivated to take up acting, directing, producing films as a career? What has gone wrong? What needs to be done before we lose the cream of our "industry"? “—

Korko Jallow wrote

“The reality to me I think not for people to support our own, Gambian young people had grown for  d past years. We have started supporting our own compared to decades ago. When you organize any Gambian event, u can count people. Thanks to the dynamic young people like Xmyls Abdul Malik, bro Lamin Camara, Ibraheem Ceesay, Bakary Badjie, Sista Njie , wagan, Latirr Carr the list goes on ....

Now to our authorities, it’s high time they bring in those policies to force both the public and private sector to invest in our development.  Look at all Gambian events, who are always the sponsors? The same companies everyone run to. What happens to the others, our neighboring countries? If we see anything they do no matter the quality sponsors come on board to support.  I know one thing for sure; if Nakala Tv series was to be done in Gambia, it will rather fail than succeed ....Eg great ideas started and never ended....In Senegal now sponsors are running after the projects because that's what the people like. Anything done for their country, you have to support because if not the people will never support ur product. A quite example is the wrestling. When a gsm company quit to sponsor, another gsm company from nowhere made it to the top as they took it up and all Senegalese started moving to them cuz of their support to the game......

Since I was a kid is the same names and companies. Ibraheem Ceesay thanked are the same individuals and companies we always knew.

It’s really sad belai, Eg open Mic festival, black magique, sarata etc. For how many years now, who will say there is no quality that's why companies aren’t coming on board to support....

But they rather say o nice keep it up, great was superb ....lollu will not butter noone’s bread as Lamin Camara says....lets keep pushing probably one day will reach there .....”

Bakary Badjie wrote

“ Korka Jallow, you put it accurately. Gambian companies are only bent on making profit and not giving back to the society. Few of them who do are mainly in support when there is some political connection to the event. This is the tragedy we face..

Even companies in Senegal and have branches here are supporting initiatives there but fail to do so in Gambia because Gambian companies are not leading the way.”

Ousman Fye wrote:

“In my opinion, Gambia really lack public/private institutions that honour their coperate social responsibilities such as simply sponsoring any art or event that’s meaningful to the lives of those they make money from. As a child I've been subjected to a phrases like "yepp dina baah ndo" now I am an adult so it’s, "haii bro dafaa over nekka sah". Old age is inevitable so am guessing it’s going to be "ahh, dad bul degga, dina nyow". Wow! Unbelievable if one thinks of it.  Personally I don’t see any sign of financial improvement for our entertainers. Most of them this is what they do for a living, but we rather watch them die of starvation and give all we got to a foreigner. #SupportLocalTalent”

EDITORIAL: It is about time we really look into our attitudes as a nation.  Gambians in all sectors always complain about the same issue. “We don’t support our own”. If we go back to history, you will agree with me that The Gambia hardly produces any star or icon in any walk of life. We are very good at flattering someone to make them believe that they are doing a good job (in whatever they do) but we don’t give the necessary and needed support to the person. The average Gambian who initiates anything good eventually give it up after few years because of the lack of support from our people. For example, a lot of our sportsmen and athletics end up giving up their careers and resettle in the west as soon as they have the opportunity to travel. Cho Jallow was one of our best soccer players, he had an injury and because of the lack of support, he relocated to America and quit playing soccer. In the entertainment industry, what happened to the Ifang bondi, the soto koto band, the Lie ngums, born Africans, The Dancehall masters, the Fugutivz, the pencha bi, Masla bi and Gambians in other areas. We are very good at killing dreams and will not get anywhere as long as we continue to be like that. Let’s change our attitudes and support our own. For charity begins at home. Danca yard before ya dance abroad. “Ku wacha sa anda, and abo dem fekafa borom”. “Niyeh taa tugeh, isi dor taa fehfeh”.


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