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"I cannot produce quality hits for every artist." Hakim vows to Gambian musicians

Sunland Music gathering for artist and producer development

Sunland Music in The Gambia is sponsoring and hosting a workshop for Gambian Artists and music Producers. This one day forum is scheduled to take place tomorrow Sunday May 18th 2014 starting at 11:00am GMT at the Sheraton Hotel at Brufut Height in The Gambia.

In an interview with our reporter,  Hakim-the proprietor and Sound Engineer of Sunland Studio stated that Gambian musicians and producers have been individually asking him a lot of questions about the entertainment industry. Therefore he finally decided to hosts a training session for all of them where he will address a lot of issues including Music Business Strategies, Hit Song Writing and Production, Mixing and Mastering tips and Questions and Answers session. “I have great advice for them and its better I say it all at once so that everyone gets it at the same time. I am doing it to help uplift Gambian music from its sad state... to keep the circle of LOVE flowing. I cannot produce quality hits for every artist. They must learn how to make hits on their own. They need to know the best strategies I have found to have success in this business. Many artists are going, but have no idea where they are going to. Usually, that leads to nowhere. I hope many artist and producers come so that I don’t have to keep repeating the same things to each one individually. Once they embrace the knowledge, they will see the results as many others have.” Said Hakim. He concluded by saying “I will be able to share a lot for FREE this Sunday, May 18th - Sheraton Hotel, 11am. Everyone who "wants to learn" is welcome”.

Hakim was a member of the famous American pop group of brothers “The Boys” who produced a lot of hit songs such as “Dial my heart” ,”Lucky charm” etc. He is also the writer of Akon’s Mama Africa song and the producer of the great reggae track  which made Gyptian from Jamaica “Beautiful Lady”  and Rebellion the Recaller’s  “We must Rebel” Song.

He has worked and still works with a lot of renowned international artists from the 4 corners of the world including the King of Mbalax,  Youssou Ndour from Senegalese.

Him and his brothers visited The Gambia in the early days of the new Millennium and fell in love with it. He travelled back and forward around the world but finally decided to move to The Gambia few years ago where he still lives happily.  Almost every hit album or single that came out of The Gambia after the new millennium was produced by Hakim and the Suns of light. Rebellion The Recaller, The Dancehall Masters, Royal Family, Singateh a.k.a Freaky Joe and recent cats like Gee and others have all produced hit songs coming out of Sunland Studio in The Gambia. He hosted a blog called “Real talk with Hak” on the Gambian Talents website in 2006 and hopes to bring it back soon.


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