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“Golor du tope dorm ja bota. Olof Njie yako wakh”.  “Like father like son”

In an exclusive interview with DJ Bundukh Patas on the Gambian Talents Radio show on Friday, Eddie Conta, the first son of Demba conta informed our listeners that his father lives 15 minutes away from him in Stockholm (Sweden). According to Eddie, Demba Conta is no longer singing instead, he now has his own production company called Song Academy which specializes in introducing new talents to the Swedish music industry and doing vocal coaching to new and upcoming artists. When asked if his father is involved in his music by any means, Eddie said “Yes he is. Actually, he is more of a mentor to me because most of the songs that I produced, before they come out, I will have a debate as we call it with him and he will give me ideas where needed and also will advise if or not a song is suitable for a release. Yes we work very closely”

When asked why he does not sing reggae and in English like his father, Eddie said he is a free bird who likes to take his own path and he decided to go the Afromanding route because he wants to reach his people.


Demba conta is one of the most successful Gambian musicians whose music was very original and went far beyond the borders of the Gambia especially in Senegal and other West African countries. Until this day, he is well love and remembered by a lot of folks especially in the Gambia and Senegal. 

Besides his music, Eddie conta is a computer Engineer and is working for a global company travelling around the world. Despite his busy work schedule, he still finds time to do music which is a part of him. He closed the interview by expressing his stance about the large influx of young Gambians going to Europe through the backway. “Well, the back way is actually a no go for me. In fact, I have put a policy in place.  At least my own little private policy which is, I do not support, I do not send money to anyone who has the intention to use or go through the back way because it has taken the life’s of many Africans” 

Click here to listen to the full interview with Eddie Conta and other three Gambian youths who shared their struggles across the desert going to Italy.

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